Spirits of Heaviness

“If we don’t carefully respect the secret laws of the world, all our research will fall into ruin. This technology can alter weather, grow plants, cure diseases, change the states of aggregation of any object, it could melt this statue without heating it.” He pointed … Continue readingSpirits of Heaviness

Highest Power

What are the highest powers of the universe, you ask. The highest powers we call sacrifice and love. One cannot exist without the other. Heaven and earth were created from them. 
How to obtain sacrifice and love, you ask. 
The sacrifice will perish if it … Continue readingHighest Power

The Spawns

  Highly technological artificial intelligence scours the border countries to abduct people into the cities. They seek out the refugees, but they are also notorious among the borderlanders. They send telepathic hallucinations of a person’s greatest joys or greatest fears. One can escape their spell … Continue readingThe Spawns


Tara, a temple dancer, is in her seventh month of pregnancy. Her husband Arjun is on a mission to protect the borderlands from attacks of the spawns. She spends time in the birth house, the shrine of motherhood, where she begins to learn about the … Continue readingTara


  Shaan the prodigy surpassed all his peers in many disciplines then became a personal disciple of the master Suryanshu, who initiated him into the secrets of the occult discipline of shifting between worlds. However, he faces a heavy karma. In his last life, as … Continue readingShaan


  Akasha, the mysterious celestial emmisary is a diplamat of the kingdom. He sends telepathic messages with the help of an ethereal technology to the big cities to free them from their hypnotic spell. The Celestial Organ, can also influence the weather. In the borderlands, … Continue readingAkasha

The magical Theater

At a time when there was not a single school of initiation on the entire earth plane, many souls who were once powerful healers, scholars or priests, were trapped in distraction, stress and mental wounding, lost in the wheel of fame and self-expression in a … Continue readingThe magical Theater

The Kingdom of the Sun

After the Great Decision, most of the people were tied to the big cities through technological implants. The inhabitants have become infertile from the chemicals and artificial substances, therefore people are bred in laboratories. There is a small group of people striving for physical immortality, … Continue readingThe Kingdom of the Sun