The highest Principle

The highest principle, it is unnameable. We call it the word. For the word relates itself to itself, and brings forth itself from itself as well. But in this world the one does not go without the other. Its polarity is the silence, because it encloses itself in itself.

Only the word that is true is real.

The untrue word it is unreal.

But the world is full of lies that affect us, so you think.

We can take only that which is true to the world to which we go after earth. The lying word it exhausts itself. It lives only in the appearance, it must constantly suppress the real. And when the actual truth has once penetrated the surface, then we see the lie and its ugliness, its weakness. It seems almost pathetic to us. We ourself seem almost pathetic. We wouldn’t take the lie with us, not even if we could, no matter how pleasant it seemed.
All it does is steal our time.

So don’t waste time.
Create reality not pretense then the time will remain yours.

What is semblance, you ask. semblence is playing the game without knowing the rules. The pretense is the error and the desire. Pretence enables the truly ugly to hide in the seemingly beautiful, the truly evil to hide in the seemingly good. The pretense is the error and the desire. Pretence enables the truly ugly to hide in the seemingly beautiful, the truly evil to hide in the seemingly good. The appearance is the error and the desire. Appearance enables the truly ugly to hide in the seemingly beautiful, the truly evil to hide in the seemingly good. The pretense makes you believe that there is nothing true, nothing eternal, nothing real.

Yes, the world of reality, it has its secrets hidden in appearances behind the surface. It is up to us to discover them. The reality has brought forth this world, that we can recognize it, take it in ourselves to become part of the reality in the end.

Am I not a part of reality, you ask.
Examine your soul to see if it is still full of error and desire. Test it for vice and virtue.
And know that only on the surface your soul can still be full of desire and error. That only in appearance can there be the other who is completely separated. Only for a time only in a place. For appearance creates space and time, in reality. But in virtue, space and time, the separation of object and subject, cancel each other out. In virtue there is eternity and immortality. The moment is of little worth without eternity.

In desire, we seem to be in need of an external object, seem to be not enough.
In error we seem, to be accomplished, to be a complete subject sorely in ourself.
The more you err, the more you desire. The more you desire, the more you err. Things are only seemingly separate from each other. So there is something of the object in the subject, something of the subject in the object.

Where you truly gain, that is your will.
There where you truly are accomplished, that is knowledge.
Will and knowledge lead to reality.
They lead to grasp reason and to act according to the meaning.

Quality and quantity, space and time are not separate from each other.
Thus, for every distance in space, there is also a time that I need to get there. The object, is not to be thought separately from the subject.
And with every time is connected an evolution.
And so every evolution in time also has a form in space. Minerals, plants, animals, human beings and the planets, they are stages of development of one and the same consciousness. Death and birth are only transformations of the gestalt.

Nothing in nature lives for itself.
And the mystery of time reveals the reality.
If the space matches the form, the dwelling is a joyful one.
If the space contradicts the form, the dwelling is a sorrowful one.


A time, which I spend sorrowfully, stretches out, but is only little in the memory.
A time, which I spend joyfully, flies fast. But in the memory it appears much.
A room that is joyfully designed, one would like to be in it for a long time.
A room that is designed sorrowfully, I would like to leave it quickly.
If you would ask me which time I would like to keep, it would be the sorrowful one, because it is the one that has shaped my being. And so the immortal one walks through all space and time with equanimity.
Then the suffering has a meaning and the joy a reason. For in reality everything is connected.
The ten thousand things, they are the appearance.
Their relations they are the eternal, here we are united.


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