Highest Power

What are the highest powers of the universe, you ask.

The highest powers we call sacrifice and love. One cannot exist without the other. Heaven and earth were created from them. 
How to obtain sacrifice and love, you ask. 
The sacrifice will perish if it is not based on power. The love will spoil, if it is not based on wisdom.
Wisdom becomes the property of the one who understands the spirit. Power belongs to the one who acts in destiny.
Understanding the spirit comes from reason. To act in the destiny comes from the sense. 
Only he who overcomes desires can act in destiny,
Only he who overcomes error can comprehend the spirit.
The highest forces of the universe, they are without vice. For the vice is full of burden and weight.

What are the origins of vices, you ask.
We distinguish the universe into three worlds. The super-sensible world, the sub-sensible world and the sensual world.

The sub-sensible world, its areas are the vices. The super-sensible world, its realms are the virtues. The sensual world, its territory is a play of virtue and vice of youth and old age. Of lightness and heaviness, of light and darkness.

It brings forth the ten thousand beings, bymaking them forget the One. They experience themselves separately in appearance. But the sensual world not only causes forgetting, but it reminds in all its appearances of the eternal and One for the beings to recognize it. The separation from the One, it generates perception of the Other.
The separation of one from the other, without knowing the One in common, creates the suffering. And the sense lies in the suffering, because it enables the cognition of the One. The sub-sensible world it tries to avoid the suffering, but it represses the suffering and the sense, represses the other and with it the One, but furthers the suffering there, where it does not perceive it.

The supersensible world suffers for the sensual world. It is the sacrifice. The sensual world, it brings forth the ten thousand beings in which the One can be recognized anew. It soothes, it is love.
The sub-sensual world, in it are the beings who perceive less than is in the world. It is the supressions, the lies. Addictions, the material science the fundamentalist religion. The sensual and supersensual world without its counterpart become the sub-sensual world.

The origin of all virtue is conscious suffering. It enables to perceive the sense
and to speak reason
leads to
To think the good
To willing the beautiful
leads to
Understanding the spirit
Acting in Destiny

Leads to attain power and wisdom to receive the love of earth and the sacrifice of heaven to attain the immortality of the gods.


2 Replies to “Highest Power”

  1. Beautiful conception and exploration. I certainly am fascinated by the concept of highest power.
    I personally see myself drawn to the concept of “brahma” from hindu mythology which attempts to answer the question of consciousness and souls and where the idea of human virtue origins from.
    Brahma is said to be the cosmic collective of the souls (essense) of every living thing that ever was, is and will be.

    And when we take this as a given, we can certainly deduce it’s the will of life that’s the hightest power/ highest paragon for human conscience and cognition.

    Your work inspires the same kind of curiosity in me as these ancient mythologies do …

    1. Thanks. Your comment didn’t show because I need to approve them first. Yes my approach is monistic but my expression is dialectic, that means i always try to find a divine couple. The word and silence. Spirit and nature. Wisdom and power is also found in platos work. I am greatly inspired by samkhya and the polarity of purusha and prakriti. I am working an a diagram where I structure philosiphical concepts in relation to each other inspired by rudolf Steiner. On one axis you have thinking feeling and willing. Thinking leads to wisdom and willing to power. The path to wisdom represents Ynana Yoga or veda and the path to power could be represented by raja yoga and tantra.
      then i have a vertical axis where love is polar to sacrifice …. well it would need some more explanation but will be revealed at some point. Thanks for your support.

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