The Kingdom of the Sun

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After the Great Decision, most of the people were tied to the big cities through technological implants. The inhabitants have become infertile from the chemicals and artificial substances, therefore people are bred in laboratories. There is a small group of people striving for physical immortality, while keeping the rest as soulless slaves under empty hopes, illusions, lies and emotional delusions in a cycle of labor and exploitation.

The people who freed themselves came together in colonies, from which the mother cities were formed. Their alliance consisted of various republics and kingdoms. In accordance with cosmic laws, they unleashed the long-suppressed human potential. With the coronation of the Awakened One, the long-awaited Kalki Avatar and Maitreya Buddha, we write the Zero Hour. In him, one of the eldest and most mature souls on the planet incarnated to serve as a vessel for a deity of Vishnu’s incarnation, descending from the spiritual heights to become human and unite to pour out his wisdom into the world. Now a new Golden Age blossomed. The world was once again being ordered according to spiritual principles, and a path to an immortal consciousness, which outlasts life and death, was once again being made available to every human being. The knowledge of the ancient advanced civilizations, which traveled the stars, distant planets and the afterworld solely through their consciousness, was restored.

In the borderlands, people continue their lives in the partially destroyed regions and hold on to the ideologies and religions of old times obscured by the lies of the big cities. But the borderlands are endangered by self-programming robots called “the spawns”, which use artificial frequencies to cause hallucinations and lure people into the cities.

The sky emissaries are diplomats and guides who spread the good news and use their knowledge and technology to help in times of crisis, sending telepathic messages to the big cities. The former city dwellers now increasingly find their way out and are healed in healing centers of the Alliance.



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