The City of the Rainbow

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The city was founded after the great decision by a colony. The philosophy of life includes the knowledge of all religions and wisdom teachings and combines Western and Eastern mysticism. The aesthetics follows the aspirations of Art Nouveau, which combined the crafts and higher arts and was based on the organic forms of nature. Art takes the place of religion. The artists are universal scholars who combine musical harmonies with geometric forms and the latest scientific methods. Painting, music, sculpture and poetry merge into a composition in which philosophical ideas find their form.

The city holds the structure of a plant and a human being.
The marketplace forms the flower, the stem is the town hall and the roots are the community area. Thus, the city combines the aspects of a village and a city.
The roofs and streets are colored to follow a rainbow according to the Vedic Chakra system. The color symbolism also picks up the theme of the areas and gives the city its name.
According to Chinese medicine, the economic area is divided into a Yang part,
“the district of power”, and a yin part, “the district of wisdom”. A tramway runs through the stem of the flower.
The different areas are connected by a transit train, which also leads out of the kingdom from where millions of people come as visitors to the city.


In the east of the city is the temple for the magic theater. Here people from all over the world gather to celebrate the annual festivals and listen to the messages of the world teacher.

In the theater, the supernatural figures of loss, fear, wisdom, power, love, death and renewal find expression and are placed in a comprehensible scenery, from where they have a positive effect on social life. Similar to the principle of catharsis in the theater of Aristotle. Also, the heroic deeds of the initiates are staged theatrically in order to preserve the lessons for later generations.

The temple is surrounded by a park with sculptures, sculptures and installations of the 22 great arcana of the Tarot.


Auf den Toren des Dorfes ist zu lesen:


On the gates of the village it reads in german poetry:

“Entering is allowed only to him
who is armed with the right heart.
Only the one who is able to see,
What was hidden behind the things.
That in essence the children
resemble the angels.
Yes, in this they are like the sages.
For that to which we are eternally striving towards,
Has been behind us
And likewise comes to us from the future.
Can you not yet comprehend this,
It will only tear you apart here.
If you are still a slave of the mind
Keep away from this land”



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