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Akasha, the mysterious celestial emmisary is a diplamat of the kingdom. He sends telepathic messages with the help of an ethereal technology to the big cities to free them from their hypnotic spell. The Celestial Organ, can also influence the weather. In the borderlands, he establishes diplomatic relations to announce the news of the world teacher who has come, his master Amaru. He knows a lot about the founding of the city and the Great Decision, He seems to have been there himself in a past lifetime.
He meets Thomas in the Borderlands, the son of the mayor of a Christian town that is instrumental in defaming the Awakened One’s message of salvation by spreading newspaper articles of their ideologies in the surrounding communities.
He explains to Thomas the pagan origins of the Christian holidays and the common origin of all wisdom teachings and prophets. He begins to win him over and they visit various communities where different ideologies and religions prevail and bring the news of the New Age. Thus, the desire for an audience with the king arises in Thomas.



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