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The master Suryanshu handed Amaru his scepter with the question:
“What do we know about power? What bestows the power?
The experience? Perhaps the gods. But look who we are among the gods; tiny fools.
No, we owe our power to the fools, for they exalt us in their inferiority. So know how to bear their foolishness in sacrifice. their foolishness in sacrifice, for they are the origin of your power. Know that the power of heaven makes even the greatest king a fool. So practice humility. Otherwise you will draw wrath upon yourselves. Do not desire power, for it demands painful sacrifices from you.
Yes, for every step toward power always take a step toward wisdom, for only a fool may desire power, and surround himself with even more foolish ones. No, the wise man surrounds himself with the masters, to serve as a fool among them. The master, he surrounds himself with the gods, to serve as a fool among them. He who is commanded from heaven surrounds himself with fools to serve as a king among them. So it is the will of heaven.
Yes, a fool may desire the power of the mighty, and you will attract envy and malice, hatred and lust. A devil may desire power, weave his intrigues, proclaim kingship for himself, in order to drag the world into the abyss. But this is not the power that is commanded from heaven.
So walk among the people, and mark my words. Know how to turn pain into wisdom, to bear the fools in sacrifice, and to recognize those who desire power for its own sake, to judge them according to the will of heaven.”

And the Master, in a prayerful gesture, took the crown of the Awakened One and placed it on his head that bowed forward. And he spoke in a strong voice:

“What do we know of the dignity and destiny of the world?
It is written in the spiritual steles, the inner temples, where the vocations of men can be read.

Thus the masters exercise virtue in order to spiritualize their souls. And these spiritual realms become a shelter for the gods, who entrust to them the dignity of the world.
The king orders the world so that everyone can live his vocation and thus become a spiritual being himself among the creatures of the earth.

He paused, his gaze going down to the right. Then he continued admonishingly:

“But men, they do not see the darkness of their errors, the severity of their desires, the consequences of their crimes.

They do not see the one who is chosen. They do not see his virtues, his spiritual radiations that stretch for miles and inspire people to heroic deeds.
They do not see
The gripping arms and fangs of their greed
Spines and thorns of her anger
The slime of their pride
The spider legs of their fear
The mouths of their gluttony
The nets of their intrigues
The scales of their cold-bloodedness
The stench of her selfishness
The pus of her vindictiveness
The thousand eyes of their false faces
The swamp of her repressed feelings
In which the parasites, monsters and devils live
The grimace of their madness and despair
See not the spirits of terror and destruction which have taken possession of them.
They believe they are not visible with their false game, their mockery, their self-contempt. For they have become addicted to the earth. Addicted to body and sensuality, possessed by the earth-bound spirits.

Like serpents that come out from inside of the earth, poisoning the blood and making them blind to the spiritual realms.

The crown was golden and richly decorated, with a figure of a crowned meditating figure sitting on a lotus at the top. To the left and right are feather ornaments. Amaru’s face had a serious expression under the artistic painting.

“Thus the wise ones created the crown for the one who was chosen, for it is a symbol of the one who read the will of heaven, on the steles which are hidden in the spiritual realms.
Thus the Awakened One walks in the moor, mold and decay and shines in its pure radiance like the lotus. This is how the king is addressed in the plural, since he is the head of all people who profess him and have taken the path of destiny.
He connects with the soul of the people, drinks the poison and survives. Penetrates into the innermost part of the earth and frees the souls from their captivity of earth addiction and orders the world according to the laws of the spirit.

He will drive the devils out of their holes and penetrate the illusion. Make repression visible. Then their truths will be exposed as lies, all their virtues will become vices, and all their vices will become sins. The outcasts will be the heroes, and the heroes will be exposed as masked devils. Their wisdom will become folly and their power will become desire when the awakened one takes his throne on earth.


But they cannot see the virtue of the Awakened One, so wear this crown, of gold and precious stones, and this cloak of silk and sequins as a symbol of the radiant garments of the soul.
For the soul of the Awakened One is the realm where the gods find their shelter to give magic powers to his words. Speak the magic words, enliven the magical chants, so that everyone can find their way into the spiritual realms.
Preserve the holy insignia, because they are the image of the forces that hold this world together.

Command the construction of the temples, so that even those whose eyes have become blind to that which is beyond sensuality may find their way to the places of the spirit. We do not build the temples for the wise, the initiates, the priests, magicians or seers, we build the temples for the young souls, for the wounded, the powerless, the lost, the blind. So that their sufferings find meaning and their joys find reason.
Silence from spiritual matters from purely spiritual planes, it is without meaning, for their ears are deaf to the fine sounds and their thoughts too rough to grasp them. What is said would be turned into its opposite, in the ears of the uninitiated. The revelation of secrets to the unworthy, it produces the evil and ugly.
In the temples, the spiritual truths about the Earthly Plan itself are inscribed as sensual reality. Lost are those who only try to comprehend the Earth through machines and calculations. They are pulled deeper and deeper into the innermost parts of the earth. Healing can only come out of a spiritual, that enters into the sensual, the good. Equally from the sensual that ascends itself to a spiritual, the beautiful. For they make possible the revelation of the true.

Suryanshu looked deep into Amaru’s eyes.

“And now that you have gone as far as courage and will carried you and as far as memory and feeling allowed you to go, have thought through every thought of the world, experienced every suffering of man, and read the destiny of mankind in the stars, the Council of the Wise orders you to build a temple in the name of the Holy Mother according to the dimensions of the world.”

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