The Sky’s Emissary

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The story takes place in a not too distant future and deals with the life of a future civilization that has freed itself from the curse of error and greed.



They got out of the car that Akasha parked on the coast. He handed Swapan a pair of binoculars and pointed to the clusters of huge buildings shrouded in smoke and fog on the other side of the sea. “What is this?” “This is a metropolis.” “Yes, I have heard about it. But what about the sky?”

“You see it with your physical eyes, but what goes on there your physical heart would not bear, The inhabitants of this city are no longer inhabitants of this earth. The sun darkens by the day, the stars are outshine by the night. They know nothing but the world of the intellect. The memory does not last longer than the last day. Their religion is the moment and desire. Empathy and compassion are superstition and reverie for them. They experience a collective amnesia and look into technical images created by the ruling elite. Anything they have not seen on their screens frightens them. Everything that is spiritual or soulful is seen by them as an illness.

They believe the sun makes them ill, they believe nature makes them ill, they believe other people make them ill. They think that man is only an imperfect machine. Each one fights against the other. But most of the time they live in their technical hell, in which they ceaselessly abuse the key stimuli of the human body infinitely. They take refuge in a virtual world of violence and sexuality. They believe to experience themselves in fantasies of omniscience and omnipotence, but experience nothing but a primitive dream, a shadow image of their soul. For a machine cannot create anything new. “

“Who are these rulers?” Akasha remained silent for a time and looked up at the highest tower, which rose like a black needle from the smoke and penetrated the clouds. “They cannot be spoken of without the presence of a priest. To name them alone would make you obsessed by their madness.” Swapan pondered for a moment and asked:

“If they are so powerful… are they not a threat to our kingdom?”

Seventy years ago, they had the whole world in their claws, they tried to establish a world government and subdue mankind with their spells. Their curses set the poor against the rich, young against old, man against woman, all the different opinions and beliefs were looked at only for their differences, but never the people looked at their similarities. Each tried to distance oneself from the other in order not to think the wrong thoughts. Dialectical thinking was a foreign word to them. What they called thinking was the mere repetition of phrases that were indoctrinated to them again and again in the outside world. Very few of them had their own inner world, their own images and dreams. Magic was banned from their world view, so they could not realize what kind of influence they had fallen prey to.
But certain individuals embodied themselves in their ranks and formed colonies in which they gathered those who were not yet subject to the spell and who had still preserved something of the soul for themselves. Inside of them, they received the messages they needed to fight off the antagonists. Rather, they knew that everything the opposing forces did only strengthened them even more in creating a world with spirit and soul. They tried to monitor and calculate everything, but they could not calculate the spirit, they could not resist its fate.
After some time they could only maintain their system of rule in the big cities, and then they did everything to cut themselves off from the outer world.

Since then, the cities have been growing continually further into the interior of the earth and into the clouds. Billions of human corpses that are barely kept alive. Only a few can still save themselves from the cities or be incarnated in the next life outside. The rest of the souls are lost for evolution until the end of this round on earth”.


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