Growth Destruction Eternity

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Growth Destruction Eternity

The battle of good and evil is a battle between destruction and growth. And the world is a mirror of this battle. What builds us up, what brings us down? What is man thriving for? The greatness of man lies in his deepest desires and dreams, his preferences and abilities with which he comes into this world. They are the seeds of his growth, the kingdom of heaven that he carries in his heart.Will he manage to bring the seeds to bloom?
We create our world from the fabric that connects us to the people who are close to us. With them our worlds grow and die. Intimacy and trust is the most valuable asset of man. Here we suffer our biggest losses. We all carry the spirits of destruction within us. In the experience of the outer world, we learn that our ideas cannot be reconciled with it. So we have the choice. We destroy the ideas within us and create a fertile ground for new growth, or the spirits take possession and we bring into the world what we do not want to feel. Every age demands a tribute and has different challenges for the soul. But through our sacrifices, we remain in our true greatness and truly become a part of this world. Because it’s not about our conceptions. Our true greatness is not bound to conception, it is manifold, a feeling, and often we recognize it only after the right person meets or leaves us. The concepts arise with the bonds. And with them comes destruction and growth. We lose ourselves in the concepts and forget the bonds. We tend to seek the reasons and relief in the external.
But the eternal flow of things suggests a reality in which the contradictions unite. It’s about the fabric that connects us to people, intimacy, trust and honesty, and it’s about a united world. A person who lives only in the sensible world, impoverishes himself. Because he lacks the means to recognize in which way, he is a part of the entire cosmos. We believe that we are different because we have different concepts of fear or joy, but that’s not true. As the concepts change, the emotions remain. The world of feelings and dreams suggests a higher reality in which man is already united. Behind it is the meaning. From it new ideas emerge in the flow of growth and destruction.
The eternal flow of change was a central component of ancient civilizations. It was known that time was cyclical and that the world was an image of the stars. Every rise follows the fall, every day is followed by night. The knowledge of eternity revealed a world of destiny and prophecy, a world of gods and myths. In archetypal images, a foundation was laid for moral action and a deeper understanding of the human soul in the world.
The spirits of destruction create a world of empty images. They copy what has arisen from true greatness and turn it into the absurd. It is the world of politics, the world of the media, empty conversation, superficiality, fanaticism, desire, the world of manipulation, envy, power struggles and lies. A materialistic science that has forgotten man and feeling creates a world of chance and coincidence without meaning. But only meaning gives hope to man, and this gives us the power to take upon ourselves the inner transformation of destruction and growth. That is needed to find the way to our dreams, to that which connects us to people, and to our own true greatness.



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  1. Lieber Arian, ich danke dir von herzen für diese wahrhaftige und wunderbare Bilder und Texte.
    Sowohl deine Bilder als auch deinen Texte sind ein großes Geschenk für die welt. Danke für deine Mut die göttliche Wahrheit zum Ausdruck zu bringen. ich bin tief berüht.
    Ich wünsche dir viele Erfolg und Freude auf deinen Weg.
    Möge der Geist der Liebe dich umhülen und erfüllen.
    Mögen wir alle den Mut und die kraft haben den Weg der Liebe zu gehen.
    Danke. Namasté,

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