Love abyss freedom

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Love Abyss Freedom

The battle between good and evil is a battle between love and the abyss. And we all know this struggle. What destroys us, what fulfils us? What is the essence of human being? Only through love does man come to his deepest desires and dreams, his preferences and abilities with which he comes into this world. Love is what drives the seed to bloom.
It is the fabric that connects us to the people who are close to us. From it we weave our world, our future and our dreams. Intimacy and trust is the most valuable asset of man. But how do we treat it?
Every day we create this world. Every day, we attest to the future in which we want life. In our thinking, as in our action. And each day, it is idly watched as the spirits of the abyss consume man. In ignorance and selfishness man commits the greatest betrayal to his fate. Through this they feed on him.
For the spirits of the abyss are not part of man.
Love is the highest form of attention that can be given to a being. It transforms it to a higher ideal level of beauty and truth.
The struggle for attention and recognition is the source of all mental aberration. The human being exchanges his authentic self-expression with mechanical ideas and roles which the society reveals to him and thus denies his own essence.
The child is still in direct connection to this. It radiates with love. But that’s also what it needs to survive. The unconditional love of a child is not a gift, it is a huge responsibility. A responsibility that is abused limitlessly. What a person does not feel in oneself, one cannot feel in the other. Thus, all unprocessed childhood trauma is passed on. The spirits of the abyss rule where man does not want or can not feel. False and perverted concepts of love arise. In these he tries to find his destiny and relives the injuries again and again. He seeks recognition and attention the way he got it. Violence, abuse, oppression, self-denial, lies, ridicule, ignorance and manipulation; all unprocessed feelings are like decay for our bonds with others. In the fear of being hurt, it summons the very things that we run away from.
But love does not lie. And love does not judge. Love holds no collusion, does not pretend false facts, or spies on the other. Love does leave the other sit in the dirt to see how he gets out. Love is not quarrel, it is not jealousy. It does not talk behind the other’s back, does not pretend to please. It does not betray secrets and does not ignore, just to feel valued. Love does not mean to wait to be teased, to provoke quarrels or not to see his mistakes. Love does not mock, it does not despise and it does not punish. It is not found in porn, it no not self humiliation or humiliation of others while having sex, or has sex to hurt others. Love has nothing to do with sex. The more Love is distorted and perverted by it. Love says: I am sorry. It has hurt me. Or: I want to understand you. Love is communication. Love knows no expiration date. It knows no “chances” or conditions. Love is not playing games. That’s not love because love knows no anger or contempt, if something does not succeed. Love is deep perception.
It is not a sign of strength or independence to share one’s intimacy with someone while the heart is with someone else, just to numb the pain, not to have attention coming from misconceptions. A broken heart is not a sign of weakness. For the outer world already confronts love with enough challenges and misunderstandings. In conceptions love is killed. In putting it to a test it is betrayed. It is a feeling that it is manifold, and often we recognize it only when the right person meets or leaves us. Love is free of space and time. That’s what makes it intangible in conceptions.
In love time seems to stand still. Because it is origin and destiny, future and past. It is the perfect moment. It is the world in which the opposites are already united. And a person who is in our heart always seems to be with us. It overcomes distances. In pain, however, everything is distorted to infinity. The moment seems endless. Time seems to slip away. Attention and recognition is what clocks our time. Loneliness ceases to be painful when man begins to turn to himself. When man realizes that love has always been within him, he will overcome time. Then he will stop to induce these scenarios by lying, superficiality and imitation. Only then it will be real, only then it will be man himself, then it will be the spirits of love that can lead the destiny of man. Thus the atmosphere of lying, imitation and superficiality will never give a ground for love. To be loved, one has to be true. For only those who meet a person in honesty will perceive his subtle traits, understand him in his individuality and see how unique each person is. And in the same moment one will appreciate the miracle of love. Love is as individual and unique as man himself, it is his destiny and his dignity. But love gives no selfish, no material advantage. So a loving person is a spiritual person. A materialistic person cannot love. He will seek a material compensation and drown everything in conceptions. And if they are not fulfilled in the end he will lie and hurt in his delusion, if they are not fulfilled. Every lie springs from egoism and fear. But love is truthfulness, the strength to be vulnerable. For in the deepest inner realms, behind the conceptions, there lies the love and destiny of man. There is also the abyss. Man must realize that the abyss is not part of him. It is the space in which love can reveal itself.
Only the repression remains in pain for a person who lives just in the sense-perceptible world. The spirits of the abyss cut past and future, create the empty moment; futility. In his powerlessness man escapes into the senseless gratification of reactionary impulses: Lie, superficiality and imitation. But here lies the imprisonment of man, in his repressed pain. Because life means pain and a numbed person is a lifeless person.
Love is the will to bare the pain and to cross the abyss for a common world. It is a gift a sacrificial act. Through giving man reaches his true greatness and liveliness.
No one should be left alone with the spirits of the abyss. And yet man commits his greatest betrayal here. When he turns away, where wrong happens. In ignorance and delusion an atmosphere of abandonment and hopelessness is created over and over. An eternal vicious circle.
The spirits of the abyss must kill everything around them, otherwise they cannot exist. They are egoism in thought, hatred in feeling, lying in words, violence in actions. Love is not pain. What the spirits of the abyss make of it is pain. The pain forces us to do things that are not our own. In pain and abandonment, in the feeling of not being recognized, the spirits of the abyss speak through us. It begins with the repression of the past, it follows the destruction of the present and ends in the abyss of the future. Thus, a person who has buried love within himself will also actively strive for the destruction in others. They are tearing parts of our being that will never return to us again. They are betrayal, torture, rape, terror, war, poison. And they are omnipresent. So omnipresent that man is stunned. Man falls into a deep sleep, far from his core. Escape into superficiality, narcotics and random sex is murder of one’s own nature and a compassionate community. It happens out of fear of being touched. But if it does not touch, it is not real, then it is not the human being itself, then it is the spirits of the abyss that lead man’s destiny. They create closeness where no closeness should be. And destroy it where it belongs. False and untruthful bounds produce masochistic and sadistic relationships because they are always accompanied by guilt and shame. People believe they are intelligent by cheating, outsmarting, exploiting, deriding, mocking and dragging in the mud. But that is the easiest thing in the world. True intelligence, true greatness, sees the world connections. It sees the abyss and it sees the love. And it will always choose it’s freedom for love because it is the way to a better world. Transformed anger is love. And forgiveness is the freedom of man.
But forgiveness is not always possible if the wound is too deep. And the very people closest to us inflict the deepest wounds on us. They tear parts out of our being that will never come back to us. But that is the world of conceptions, of illusions, of egoism. What frees us from the bondage of conceptions is forgiveness. Love is the destiny of man, and all that blocks the way is repressed pain. But life means pain. And repressed pain is repressed life. The compassion of love can help a person where one alone is unable to feel and free oneself from the abyss. This is the sacrificial act of the community, the gift, the compassion. Only a forgiving person is a free person, is a loving person, a living person. We cannot change the past. But we can confront it and transform it’s meaning. Because the past holds the gift of wisdom.
Lastly, it is wisdom that it takes to live the freedom. Man believes he is free if he lives on in anger, shame and delusion. But he is trapped. He lives a perverted version of his fate, he lives the destruction and he lives for the abyss. The transformative powers of love are infinite. It frees us from dependencies, greed, hatred and delusion, which ceaselessly feed on man. In the end, evil consumes itself, if we just stop feeding it. And a healthy community will bring out parts of us that we never thought within us. Man’s origin is also his destiny. Love is the meaning, from which always grow new conceptions. It is the world in which man is already united. The common task of man is to make the seed blossom, and that in every human being. Here lies the foundation for a common world. Love is the highest form of attention that can be given to a being. It transforms it to a higher spiritual level of beauty and truth. So it is an enrichment for both parties. It is the origin of culture, the arts, science, philosophy and all mastery. Love is the origin of aesthetics, harmony, proportion and mathematics, but also of respect, romance, courtesy and healing. Love is creativeness, origin and destiny of man. This world is not a world of love, but it is our freedom to make it one. Every day we create this world. And every day we attest to the future in which we want life. The fate of man, his dreams, are not a distant goal at the end of the path, not complicated conceptions or constructs. It is the return to what has always been. And letting go of that which was never part of it because it was not done out of love.

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  1. Liebster Arian.
    Ich weine und weine- laufe über vor Liebe.
    Ich Danke dir von Herzen für so treffende Worte. Du bist eine grosse weiße Seele. Voller Liebe.
    Ich durfte deinen Vater in einem Zeit erleben die nicht von dieser Welt war/ist. Gelebter Traum – geführt und voller Liebe. Ich segne dein SEIN. in tiefer Verbundenheit Ulrike Höflicher
    http://Www.Leichtigkeit. net
    Deine Bilder sind Wunder-voll

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