The Spirits of the Past

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The Spirits of the Past
The battle of good and evil is a battle between future and past. And it is fought within man. What brings us forward, what holds us back? Where is man seeking to? One’s own future is not a coincidence. It is the deepest desires and dreams, the affections and abilities with which man comes into this world. They are the seeds of his future, the kingdom of heaven that he carries in his heart. Will he succeed to blossom the seed?
We weave our future from the fabric that connects us to the people who are close to us. Intimacy and trust is the most valuable asset of man. Here we experience our biggest losses. We all carry the spirits of the past within us. Defaced by the scars of the past, we do to others and to ourselves that which we are actually running away from, until we are ready to face it.
We have the free choice. But they block the way to our dreams, to what connects us with people and to our self-created future.

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